fish-1SFS is the Software Freedom School We’re a group of friends who work and play together, developing deeper understanding and greater skill with what Richard M. Stallman calls free software. We create immersive, hands-on learning experiences for fair suggested prices and usually PWYC[1][2]. Our passion and purpose is to bring curious people together to play and learn and build new friendships. We do classes in Linux System Administration, bash, Puppet, PostgreSQL, and Raspberry Pi. We plan to do classes in WordPress, Zimbra, LibreOffice, Blender, Ruby, and BeagleBone Black. In addition to the things we teach and plan to teach, we use GitLab and BigBlueButton every day.

I believe that the GPL and similar licenses guarantee a competitive eco-system, that entering customers cannot end up bound to a particular vendor, waiting on them for fixes and improvements, but instead will be free to change vendors and even to become their own provider, if they will but choose Free Software at the outset. –David L. Willson

To learn more about SFS, call or email one of the people below:
* David L. Willson, DLWillson@sofree.us, 720-333-5267
* Heather L. Willson, HLWillson@sofree.us
* Troy R. Ridgley, TRRidgley@sofree.us
* Gary A. Romero, GARomero@sofree.us

Location: 4237 W. Grand Ave. Denver, CO 80123

Main phone number: 303-536-8966

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