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Mar 3: Continuous Integration through Gitlab with Aaron Brown

Join Aaron Brown to learn about continuous integration through GitLab.

A core tenet of DevOps, continuous integration is a huge step in automating your development pipeline, improving the quality of your product, and speeding up your deliveries.

  • Instructor: Aaron Brown
  • Date: March 3,2018
  • Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Location: SFS HQ – The Comfy Room
  • Donation: $16

Pre-Class Requirements: TBD What to bring: Your laptop and enthusiasm to learn! See you soon!

April 7: Learn Ansible with Mike Shoup!

Learn Ansible with Mike Shoup!

Saturday, Apr 7, 2018, 8:30 AM

SFS HQ: The Comfy Room
4237 W Grand Ave Littleton, CO

2 Learners Attending

Instructor: Mike Shoup Date:[masked] Time: 9:00am -1:00pm – Please arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 so class can start on time. Location: SFS HQ – The Comfy Couch (4237 W Grand Ave, Littleton, CO) Donation: $16 or PWYC Ansible is a configuration management system, like Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack. Ansible has a very gradual learning curve and requir…

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May 5: Come Build a Piper Computer with David L Willson

Build a Piper Computer workshop with David L. Willson

Saturday, May 5, 2018, 9:00 AM

SFS HQ: The Comfy Room
4237 W Grand Ave Littleton, CO

1 Learners Attending

This is a workshop for you AND your kiddo! You MUST bring a child between the and ages of 7 and 12. The purpose of this workshop is to teach kids how to build their first computer. Check out the Piper computer! Cost: $3.14 or PWYC

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SFFS – Build Your Own RetroPie

Ever wanted to play that old Atari or Nintendo game that you loved growing up? Well with James Romero’s intro to the RetroPie, now is your chance to do it on the cheap!

James Romero will be walking through the set up of RetroPi and discussing ways to find and download ROMs onto your pi. Bring your retro pi project to show off to the group or be ready to share your ideas!

Students will need to bring their own Rasperry Pi B+, 2 or 3, a monitor, 8GB SD card, a keyboard, and optionally a controller. (Images will be available for copying during the class.)

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SFFS – Debian Package Building

  • Instructor: Joseph James Mills
  • Date: 08/06/2016
  • Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Location: Englewood Public Library – Anderson Room
  • Address: 1000 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood, CO
  • RSVP: Comment on this post or RSVP via our [Meetup Page][1]

Have you ever wanted to build your own install packages for Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint? Now is you chance to learn how.

Students will be eased into the Debian DPKG packaging system. Instructor Joseph Mills will be starting out with a small bash program with no dependencies and show us how to package it into a .deb file. Once we’ve completed that, we’ll move on to more advanced packaging. After the simple packaging of the C++ and bash program are done. We’ll start talking about signing the packages and how to uploade them to ubuntu and debian linux mint. After this is done we will start talking about packaging for a internal case use. Creating our own repositories and builders with checkers, mailers and all sorts of extra features.

Students will need the following items for the class:

* A linux box(or vm) that runs some sorta debian based distro. (I will provide a script to apt-get all the packages that are needed in order to make a package.) 
* If it is a VM I would say that 2 gigs of ram 
* students will need to have a couple of gigs of extra hard drive space. 
* If students would like to make their own auto builders with a front-end based on jQuery html5 ect.  I would suggest doubling the amount of ram and  disk space. Here is a video of the last auto package manager that I wrote.  
* git to download the programs that we will package up.

**CANCELLED** SFFS April 2 Class: Build Your Own Zimbra Collaboration Server


Zimbra Collaboration Server is like Microsoft Exchange, in that it does email, calendar, tasks, contacts, but ZCS also does file-sharing and it’s free-libre, and the community edition is free-gratis, too. It is an *awesome* messaging and collaboration server for your church, school, or business of any size. During this class, you’ll build your own ZCS and host a mail-domain on it. The whole thing, soup to nuts. If you set it up on your own hosting account, you can keep what you’ve built. If not, I’ll delete the machine after a day or three. If you ever wanted your own mail server, and/or to know more about how mail servers work, this is your chance. Teacher : David L. Willson When : April 2, 11AM-5PM Where : SFS HQ, 4237 W Grand Ave, Denver Price : 0.5 BTC, 128 USD, or PWYC Seriously, this is a great product, and I think this will be a great session. Come to this.

Sat, Feb 20: Intro to Blender Modeling with Kris Klipfel


“Heather and I dig this class so hard we drove to Longmont *three* times to take it. Kris is a good teacher and his excitement for Blender is contagious!” –David

Teacher: Kris Klipfel
Price : 0.125 BTC, $64 USD, or PWYC
When : February 20th, 11AM – 3PM
Where : SFS HQ, 4237 W Grand Ave, 80123

Learn 3D modeling basics through the use of Blender, a free, open source 3D Modeling and Animation Suite. You will learn how to navigate through the user interface, as well as create, edit, manipulate, and render a variety of 3D designs.

You will leave with the basic tools and understanding to start creating and designing your own 3D objects.

This is an interactive course so please download and install Blender from before you come.

Important: Please bring your laptop/tablet and a three button mouse if you have one.

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SFFS February 6 Class: Build your own OwnCloud cloud with Mike Shoup

OwnCloud rocks. Replace DropBox with your own server, in your own place. Share data publicly or by user, group, and server-to-server. Showing off your pictures or music couldn’t be easier.

Teacher : Mike Shoup
When : February 6th, 11AM – 3PM
Where : SFS HQ, 4237 W Grand Ave, Denver 80123
Price : 0.125 BTC, 32 USD, or PWYC

During this workshop you will build an Owncloud server where you can store your data and share it with your friends and family, and *only* your friends and family… Looking at you NSA (and Facebook, Google, DropBox, etc…)

SFS Method – May 16th Denhac

*** canceled due to low enrollment ***

SFS Method is David L. Willson’s version of a “train-the-trainer” workshop.

The instructor describes a simple, reproducible way of teaching that works well for him, shares his thoughts on why it works, demonstrates the method, and provides an opportunity for participants to practice the method.

Who leads: David L. Willson
Where: Denhac - 700 Kalamath Street Denver, CO
When: Saturday, May 16th, 11AM - 2PM
Price: PWYC or $3.14 (PWYC preferred)

Who should attend?  How should they prepare?

This session is meant for SME’s (subject-matter experts) that want to share their knowledge, *especially* for SME’s of free software that want to share their expertise with the SFS community.

What should participants bring?

Bring a sketchbook, colors, and any other creative supplies on which you depend. Leave your phone and laptop at home.

Have one teaching pattern and one anti-pattern ready to discuss during the class. In other words:  What is one thing you’ve seen teachers do that worked for you? What is one thing you’ve seen teachers do that didn’t work for you?

RSVP here, by commenting below, or on the denhac Meetup event.