Linux Camp 2017

Four days immersed in hands-on Linux SysAdmin training. Learning, lodging, food, friends & fun!

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When is Linux Camp August 19th – 22nd.
Class begins at 9am! Class ends on the 22nd at approximately 6pm!

Where is Linux Camp Snow Mountain Ranch Granby, Colorado

How Much is Linux Camp $2,800 (minus applicable discounts) Discounts

  • $150 Off if you pay in full by Independence Day (July 4th 2017)
  • $150 Off for each friend/classmate you bring. (Paid in Full)
  • $300 Off if already Linux certified (Any Linux Certification and do not plan on taking the LFCS exam)
  • Alumni is HALF PRICE!

Where do you sign up? Linux Camp Registration

What’s included in Linux Camp?
Real World Scenario Training/Labs
Imagine a full day of hard Linux-flavored fun: users, groups, file permissions, package management, services and settings, networking, storage with LVM, virtualization with KVM, the LAMP stack, etc.

Food by Heather’s Kitchen
Imagine waking up to the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan and fresh brewed coffee wafting in the air. May you are a vegetarian or sensitive to gluten, not a problem. All your meals are prepared fresh by Heather’s Kitchen. Culinary delights will not only satisfy your hunger, but leave you wondering what yummy flavors will tempt your taste buds next!

Unplug with Mother Nature
Imagine taking a break to cool your brain over a game of frisbee in the mountain air. And finally, winding down when the training day is over with a board-game, a book, a movie, an evening hike, a camp-fire, or an acoustical jam (your musical instrument is welcome). Imagine four days like that, and you have Linux Camp.

Linux Camp Study Group will begin the week of June 5th and is included in the tuition.

Additional Videos:
FLOSS Overview 3:14

FLOSS Weekly Interview 53:22

Nice things people have said about Linux Camp

Our Testimonial Page

We at LPI applaud David L. Willson and the Software Freedom School for their efforts at educating and employing Linux Professionals in the greater Denver area. I went to teach and learn Linux and ended up doing first aid, where do I sign up for the next one?! — Ross Brunson, Linux Camp 2013, 2014, 2015

Amazing week of being knee-deep in Linux and hacker camaraderie while being surrounded by natural beauty. If you like meeting cool new friends, eating killer food, taking hikes, playing frisbee and learning a whole lot of technology, you need to go to Linux Camp. I learned a ton and had a ton of fun. You could pay almost twice as much for just a boring regular old classroom class or live virtual training. I’m already jacked up for next year’s camp! Also, Willson wears nifty hats. — Rich Glazier, Linux Camp 2014, 2015

I learned a ton in the fast-paced lectures and hands-on labs at Linux Camp 2014. I would highly recommend Linux Camp to anyone wanting to improve their skills scripting and working with CLI based Linux. I think a lot of concepts I had difficulty grasping were driven home by use and context in labs and lectures. Sometimes books are not good at conceptualizing and grasping new concepts and ideas. The focused, friendly atmosphere there was ideal for maximizing on retaining and and gaining tons of knowledge about linux. — Jason Walton, Linux Camp 2014, 2015

Great people, great place, and Linux; I can’t think of a better week. 🙂 — Mike O’Lear, Linux Camp 2014

The course was great and by far more dynamic than what the industry courses provide. The biggest caveat to why I chose this course was because it was Linux on a very personal level. Linux is such a dynamic operating system with sooo many flavors that in my honest open can only be taught like this. I applaud David for taking the time and effort to create a course and certification path that is enjoyable more importantly more easily able to retain! –Christopher M, Linux Camp 2015

Linux Camp is an incredibly beneficial experience for new sysadmins and senior admins alike. Being in a different setting with extreme focus around like-minded people is extremely powerful for learning. I walked away from the 2015 camp feeling like I had many actionable things to take back to my job. David is a great instructor, who responds proactively to the energy level and engagement of the students, which is great. When some of the material was not something everyone wanted, he shifted to other topics that people were more interested in. The home-cooked meals are wonderful and allow students to keep focused on their learning. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in upping their Linux skills! — Justin Lang, Linux Camp 2015

SFS Linux Camp 2017

Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 9:00 AM

Snow Mountain Ranch
US 40 12 mi past town of Winter Park on left Winter Park, CO

13 fishes Attending

Four days immersed in hands-on Linux SysAdmin training. Learning, lodging, food, friends & fun!When is Linux Camp  August 19th – 22nd.  Class begins at 9am! Class ends on the 22nd at approximately 6pm!Where is Linux Camp Snow Mountain Ranch Granby, Colorado Much is Linux Camp $2,800Discounts$150 Off if you re…

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