Pay What You Can

On PWYC (v.2 “Pay What You Choose”)

We try to set fair, sustainable seat-prices on all our events, but no two participants have the same ability to pay. One participant has to think seriously about spending $32 to attend, while another is eager to buy a seat for $256, so we usually say that our classes are “$X or PWYC”, where PWYC means “Pay What You Choose”. By doing this, it’s our intention to encourage you to think seriously about your resources and the value of the learning opportunity, and to do whatever seems best to you. You can pay the price we asked, or more, or less, or differently. (We love Bitcoin!)

Use your resourcefulness and ingenuity and *choose* what you’re going to pay for the SFS class you want to attend.

And now a little mushy stuph.

You’re rich (and beautiful). You’re not poor. But, you might not be paying attention. Every one of us is infinitely rich. If you don’t believe me, try a few experiments: Forgo breathing for just a minute or two, then take a deep breath, and imagine what that breath is worth. Or, close your eyes for one waking hour, then open them, and then tell yourself what that sight is worth. Or, stopper your ears for a few hours, then strum a guitar just once or whistle or sing, and then tell me what that hearing was worth. The problem isn’t that we’re not rich. It’s that we don’t pay attention to what we have. We ignore what we have and dwell on what others have, that we don’t have. We should stop that.

There are an infinite number of ways to trade for what you want. You certainly have time, and unless you’re very young, you probably have discovered and developed some talent, and you probably have some treasure, too. When you combine those things in various ways, you come up with an infinite number of payment possibilities, some of which would be so pleasant that one of the usual aspects of “paying”, sacrifice, is turned on it’s head, because paying becomes an additional benefit from the exchange of values, still a cost, but not a sacrifice.

What would be great fun for you? Have you always wanted to do some writing? Some system administration? Do you have money to give and suppose that this school is good? Do you like to teach? Do you like to help others learn, while learning yourself? Do you have extra gear that you’d like to get rid of, or space in a well-connected server room to donate? Do you have llamas that need exercise and brushing? Do you like to draw? What are the things you do for fun? Surely some of those things create trade-able value!

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