Pay What You Can

On PWYC (Pay What You Can)

If money’s stopping you from coming to this class, don’t let it.

Pay what you can, instead. Here are some ideas:

  • volunteer time
  • pay a different dollar amount
  • submit patches and improvements
  • promote SFS to your co-workers, boss, friends, and/or family (if you have a very geeky family)
  • teach a class for us
  • donate gear
  • give me a hippopotamus, I’ve always wanted one for Christmas.
  • knit your teacher a scarf
  • send a card saying “Thanks, I learned a lot and enjoyed the class.”

Or, if you think SFS has plenty already, you can pay it forward:

  • Teach a few other people what you learned
  • Start your own freedom-respecting school
  • Donate time or money to the charity of your choice

It’s critical to me that we reach the poor-but-passionate geek. I was that geek, and it took me years of relentless attacking to break into computer work. If I could talk to myself back then, I might say:

Dear younger me,
It’s going to be awesome. Keep working at it. Your bad days will be pretty bad, but really, not that bad when you think about it, and your good days will be awesome, like playing a game with brilliant friends and taking home a bag of treasure.
Go the extra mile. Don’t be a slacker. It’s harder, more fun, and feels SO much better at the finish line.
Older me

I don’t mind those years; they made me tougher than I might otherwise have been, but I’ll be darned if I’ll close my door on a geek because of money. If I can help you get smarter, I will. If I can help you land your dream job, or your starter job, or get the raise you want, I will. If I can put you in touch with a place that needs a volunteer, so you can get some experience, I will. If I can help you start your independent consultancy, I will. I am here for you.

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