Ricker on Ruby 2014-12-06

Intro to Ruby with Lorin Ricker

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented programming language. Although commonly associated, and often confused, with “Ruby on Rails” (or “Rails”), Ruby itself is truly general purpose, covering a wide domain of application and uses. This session will give you an introductory taste of Ruby’s power and range. more at Wikipedia

Lorin is a Ruby dev since 2006, and a software consultant since the 1970s… yup, he is an Old Geek. This day of Ruby is a taste of PARSEC’s upcoming 4-week Ruby Immersion bootcamp.

Quick agenda:

* Ruby Overview & History
* Use Cases & Application Domains
* Intro to Syntax, Idiom, & Style
* Lots of Examples
* REPLs: irb & pry
* Command-Line Scripting & Code Walk-throughs
* Bonus: Lorin’s GitHub/Ruby repo (public access)

Saturday 12/6 10AM – 4PM
at PARSEC Group
999 18th Street, Suite 1725
Denver, Colorado 80202

Many thanks to the PARSEC Group for opening their training suite to host this class, and for their ongoing support of SFS and the Free Software community.

BYOL (bring your own laptop) with Ruby and/or RVM (Ruby Version Manager), plus your favorite text editor, loaded and ready to play. Most Linux distros now offer a recent-enough v2.1.x Ruby package; Mac preloads Ruby. RVM is a great choice for serious Rubyists on either Linux or Mac. Got Windows? Load up a virtual machine with Linux/Ubuntu and install Ruby/RVM therein.

Map and directions:

Saturday morning pay-lot parking should be available, but rather expensive — RTD Light Rail service to downtown Denver is great. Take any train to either the 18th & California or the 16th & Stout Stations (18th-&-Stout is currently closed for rennovation), from either it’s only a two block walk to the Denver Place complex at 18th and Champa. If you end up at Union Station, just hop on a 19th Street shuttle bus to Champa.

At this Google map-pin (see map), intersection of 18th and Champa, the Denver Place buildings are north of you. Enter the South (main) entrance, bear northeast through the atrium to the North Tower; use the elevator bank marked “14-23” (the other elevators are too short!) to the 17th floor, PARSEC Group is to your left off the elevator. Weekend building security has been notified, and will not shoot — If you need help, someone will be on-duty near the elevators to guide you up.

Requested contribution for this workshop is 64 mBTC or 32 USD. We prefer cash, but PayPal is good, too. If you’re able to do more, thank you. If that’s too much money, PWYC [1] [2].

Comment below to RSVP. If you leave a good email address, I’ll be able to notify you about changes.

9 thoughts on “Ricker on Ruby 2014-12-06”

  1. What little I know about Ruby: 1) It’s very object-oriented and 2) It’s very cool. Sign me up!

  2. I would like to attend the seminar. Am curious, though, about if the overview can be done without laptop. Experiencing current issues.

    1. This is a hands-on class, so you should probably grab a friend with a functioning laptop, and bring them along.

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