SFS Method by David Willson 01-06-2018

“How to do a tech class that doesn’t suck”

Instructor: David Willson
Date: January 6th
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: SFS HQ – The Comfy Couch
Donation: $16
David L. Willson will be teaching the SFS Method, a simple framework for the design and delivery of technical classes. SFS Method was created with two people in mind, the student suffering through long, boring lectures, and the passionate subject-matter expert (SME) who would like to share his/her knowledge (ie: be a teacher). Few teachers want to cause students to suffer, and most students would rather learn the subject-matter without unnecessary misery.

We’ll talk about and practice the SFS Method. We’ll critique it, and if possible, we’ll make it better.

If you are a lifelong learner, a SME, or an educator … I hope you are all those things … if you’d like to explore what make some classes both fun and effective … and especially if you’d like to teach for SFS, please join us for a four-hour foray into the how-to of a good how-to class.

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