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Come join the conversation, write for the SFS Blog, get help with Free and Open Source Software, or find out when the next classes are available:

There are a couple of ways to join the Software Freedom School mailing List:

1. Go to this link, and enter your information.

2. Send an email with the word “subscribe” to

Join us in the #sofreeus IRC chatroom on

1. Log into your IRC client onto the server and then type ‘/join #sofreeus’

2. Go to this link,, enter your Nickname in the ‘Nickname’ field, enter #sofreeus into the ‘Channels’ field, then follow instructions for the rest of the fields and click the ‘connect’ button.

To write for the Software Freedom School Blog:

To write articles for the Software Freedom School, send an email to Gary Romero ( or David Willson ( and we’ll set you up with a contributor log in to the site.

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