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DevOps Camp 2018

Show this part to your boss:

  • Go faster. Don't let competitors beat you to market. Speed up your feature delivery with multiple deploys per day.
  • Stay safe. Integrate automated testing to squash bugs before customers find them in production.
  • Web scale. Architect for scale, so you don't fall behind customer demand.
  • Uptime. Build fault-tolerant, self-healing systems that will be up when the competition is down.
  • Be (cost) efficient. You create capacity through hiring, or by employing technology. We train your people to employ technologies that create capacity. It makes you look good, and it's better for your budget.

This part's for you:

  • Go faster. CI/CD pipelines not only speed things up - they provide a happy marriage of development velocity with operational best practices. This class will give you a real-world foundation for build/test/deploy pipelines with hands-on GitLab CI examples.
  • Stay safe. Automated testing is part of the pipeline, but you can also slipstream OS and platform updates in an efficient pipeline. We'll show you how monitoring and alerting can be defined in a service's source code, too.
  • Web scale. Auto-scaling groups are cool, but container orchestration platforms on auto-scaling groups? That's where it's at. And it's not as complicated as you might think. DevOps Camp includes hands-on labs with Docker and Kubernetes!
  • Uptime. Nines? You can haz them. Maintenance windows, schmaintenance windows. Rolling deploys can maximize your uptime and enable safe, mid-day deploys. Combine this with infrastructure that can be replaced under a running production environment, and your life gets a lot easier.
  • Be efficient. Without a plan, microservices can sprawl out of control and quickly become polyglot monoliths. But with some thoughtful planning, you won't think twice about managing hundreds - maybe thousands - of services.
  • Best. Bootcamp. Evar. DevOps! Free Software! Board games! Campfires! Hikes! Moose! This is an immersive experience with learning and camaraderie like no other.

The Details:

Who: You! (We hope!) + SFS

What: Four whole days of the delicious training described above. Fully inclusive room and board. (Well ... almost. Alcohol not included.) All meals are cooked on-site by our lovely and talented cook!

When: Class is 9am-6pm August 25-28, 2018 - You may arrive after 8pm on August 24, and leave before 10am on August 29. Fun ensues daily when class ends.

Where: Snow Mountain Ranch - In Colorado's Frasier River Valley between Winter Park and Grand Lake.

Why: We love to share what we know. We believe that smarter geeks are not only more fun to work with - they help create a better industry for all of us. And because Free Software. :)

How (much): $2800. -$150 if you pay in full by July 4. -$150 for every referral you make that pays in full.

More information on our Meetup page.

Please e-mail with any questions.